Monday Morning. Bring It.

Think of Monday as if it were a movie premier to your own life. How are you going to make it fabulous? I want you to rewire your brain to start thinking that Monday is a day to look forward to rather than dread.

eye-rollInstead of having a case of “The Monday’s,” why not use this day to start your week out with a happier outlook. Stop your bitching and force yourself to think of something positive before heading into work. You will need a much softer approach if you want your day to be more enjoyable. Check out my suggestions that I hope will give you a little jumpstart.

tumblr_my0xe40rIm1ryb59po1_5001.) Wear Your Favorite Outfit

The perfect outfit is a great way to show your co-workers that you are ready to roll and that you had a great weekend (along with a brilliant sense of style). You know which outfit makes you feel a tad self-conscious and which pants make your ass look amazing, so pick out something that brings out your confidence.

lady-gaga-telephone-that-grape-juice2.) Treat Yourself to Coffee or Tea

A little morning fix never hurts, especially if you are single and totally crushing on your favorite Starbucks guy.

tumblr_mfo7dqzdmO1qlk04go1_5003.) Be Friendly on Facebook

If you are one of those employees that goes to the office and has to update your Facebook status (I don’t recommend that), than you better post something that has a positive/happy energy attached to it. How many times do we all have to see Facebook posts that read, “I wish I was still in bed” or “This weekend was not long enough…blah blah.” All that complaining gets so old and sets the wrong tone to the day. Don’t you agree?

Art-grants-Cat-Typing 4.) Pump Up the Music

Traffic can really suck – but we already know that. Instead of busting out into some major road rage, why not turn up your favorite tunes while sitting in  bumper to bumper traffic? Before your week begins, create a “Monday Morning Playlist” that will automatically put you into a happy place.

20090520_SingingInCar5.) Be Early

Leaving to work an extra 15 minutes early can make a big difference especially if you get anxious on the road. Having that little cushion of added time can be just what you need for a piece of mind.

tumblr_inline_n28c7f7l0E1r59llp6.) Don’t Forget To Smile

Your smile can go along way. Try and smile or say good morning to your co-workers, even the ones that look like they fought with their boyfriend all weekend. Emotions are contagious so do us all a favor and spread the joy.

matt jacobi tvHappy Monday Friends.


The Other Hubby

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