Skeleton Makeup

13c82c594c1414ac9205c3c6377e3b98I woke up this morning a year older and let’s just say my birthday started off a little spooky!

baef428534d020a8ca386567e18f1db2It also involved a studio appearance with my pals at Good Morning Arizona!

Good-Morning-ArizonaBut, this TV visit would be much different than before.

I had the pleasure to get my face transformed into an edgy skeleton by the fabulous ladies at Scottsdale’s Sparkle Bar!! 

Hey! It is never too early to get into the Halloween spirit.

Our mission was to create a quick and easy scull-look inspired by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video!

So, with a touch of a brush and some magic hands….

FullSizeRender…my bronze skin started to fade away and take on a more deathly tone kind of shade.



I think everyone loved the final product!

IMG_2536 IMG_2533 IMG_2534Are you ready to dress up this weekend??

Tweet me pics of your costume!


The Other Hubby


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