To Infinity & Beyond

IMG_2639Hope all you ghosts and goblins had a great weekend!

Halloween has always been one of my faves and this year was no different.

With a little help from my fabulously fun family and some creatively crazy friends, our night was certainly one to remember.

giphyTo kick off the evening, Nick and I got our dapper “skeleton twin” groove on thanks to makeup artist extraordinaire, Leiah Scheibel at The Sparkle Bar.

11694998_10154542678363538_5496406308970435083_nWe even found a cowgirl named “Jesse” to accompany us for a little trick or treating!


But, first we had to get permission from Mr. and Mrs. Potato head.


As the sun began to set and the Halloween moon began to rise, we were excited to see some  familiar faces from far and wide.

12047087_10153378904994440_3802761443553729316_n 12187740_10206650854661679_3883421355000117418_n 12189576_10208221542879223_1232568216198559586_n 12108836_10208220718578616_6267024255231085700_n 12196333_10208047548089101_5390494664431948834_n

Which is why I love dressing up so much.

It brings people together and gives you an opportunity to turn off your brain and let loose!!


With that said, how about we blast off into Monday and make it one amazing week.

To Infinity and Beyond!!!


The Other Hubby


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