Need A Career Change?

A few of my lady friends are on the hunt for a new job which can sometimes feel like a full-time job of its own! Changing workplaces can be a huge life decision since so much of  your time, energy and sense of security goes into developing a well established career.

tumblr_inline_mng0x9kA8a1qz4rgpBefore you start your hunt for a fresh start, read these helpful tips below on how to make your transition nothing but smooth sailing. The waters may be rocky but you can always find a way to glide over the bumpy parts!

sailingFirst of all, I understand that finding a dream job can be a big pain in the ass especially if you don’t know what you want to do! Avoid getting antsy because that will only create unnecessary chaos that will distract you from ever achieving your goal. You MUST have a clear mind when trying to land your new job!

tumblr_inline_n02am7z4y61sxcauwOne question I ask all my unemployed or work agitated friends is; what are you really good at? I have found that the people who love their jobs the most are the ones that do tasks/projects where they know they excel and specialize in. Your job is one of the major areas in life that is supposed to bring you validation (especially if you are single). The more you do well at work – the happier you will be as any form of accomplishment = JOY!

tumblr_m5bi0kxaoF1r592i0So, before you make any bold moves, think about what type of career would really make you thrive, think and feel like you have a sense of PURPOSE. Once you figure out that whole magical concept than it should be easy for you to visualize the steps you need to take in order to obtain the job you want. You may have to make some life adjustments (notice how I did not say “start over”) but the bigger the change – the greater the transformation.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-13440-1369084213-8 giphyNext, make sure that your resume is cleaned up and your confidence is kicked into overdrive. You never know when that first interview may occur or when the opportunity may present itself! The more you are prepared, the stronger you will feel in order to nail that interview or make a slam dunk first impression! Have faith in yourself, your strengths, skills and ability to be a hard worker (or your own boss!). I believe in you!


The Other Hubby

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