Moving In Together?


Is the moving in together conversation happening in your relationship? Timing is everything along with the strength, security and stability of your relationship.

Here are some things to think about.

giphy1.)  Is he the one for you?

Do you see yourself marrying this guy?  No girl wants to deal with a bad break up. Make sure you BOTH are ready to commit long term.

tumblr_m61w3yXWiF1rqfhi2o1_5002.)  Is he responsible?

Signing your names to a lease means you will be in a binding contract together.  Does he know how to pay his own bills (on time!)?  How does he stand in the finances department?

tumblr_lp7o22h7Ql1qii6tmo1_5003.)  Have you gone on vacation together?

Moving in together means being around each other ALOT! Test the waters by going on a long vacation together.  Trust me, you will learn things about your man that you have never known before.

tumblr_madhrjB3Jl1qdjvrao1_5004.)  Are you OK with losing your alone time?  

Well, you better be if you plan on moving in together! Say goodbye to those quiet nights where you get to catch up on your secret beauty regime.

bey-bootyCreating a home together can be  an amazing couple experience!

Be patient with your decision.

If you are both on the same page than everything will work out perfectly.

Cheers to you and your man!


The Other Hubby


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