Happy December!

giphy-22.gifDecember is probably one of the most popular months of the year.

I totally get it.

What is not to love about December?

The time off of work, the shopping, gift giving, holiday feats, and did I mention New Years Eve?

How about a remind you of a few other December highlights to get your mind in the holiday spirit!

1.) Snow!!

 It wouldn’t be December without a white Christmas! Bring on the snow, snowflakes and winter weather! Skiers, snowboarders and little kids around the world will be ready to embrace the white stuff!

tumblr_mvp1bqaBGt1swwqebo1_500 tumblr_lxlorr02Ax1r09wuoo1_500 QD3b7

2.) Time Off!!

That is right, time off of the ol’ work job. Thanks to Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, and many other significant dates. This December, make your vacation time extra special by actually kicking back and taking a pause from your daily routine.


3.) The Food!!

Who does not look forward to all the warm homemade dinners and chocolate peppermint everything! Sign me up.

tumblr_m5wuc3bR3N1qi50pdo1_500 large4.) The Fashion!!

Gorgeous winter coats, sexy scarves, Chanel gloves, wool hats, Oh-my! If you enjoy bundling up in a bunch of cozy threads than this is your month!

Prada-Fall-Winter-2013 5.) Holiday TV!!

“Rudolph,”  “Frosty The Snowman,” “Elf,” “Scrooge,” and many other classics all pop up on the television in December. Grab a seat, a hot coco, and get in the Christmas spirit.


6.) Gift Giving!! 

 I hope giving back reminds you how luck you are! Whether you are shopping for your loved ones or donating to your favorite charity, it is the season to spend, share, and love.


7.) Warm Fireplaces!! 

Raise your hand if you like to snuggle up by the fire (>me!<). Grab a good book, rent a movie, or sit back with your favorite peeps on a cozy winter day.


8.) Holiday Music!!

I totally blast the Christmas music in my car. Turn it up and sing out loud!!


9.) ReInvention Time!!

This is the month that you should start thinking about how to be a better YOU! Are you going to stick to your New Years resolution this year?



The Other Hubby

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