What Not To Say On A Date


Going on a first date can be super exciting but may also bring out those nervous butterfly feelings.

tumblr_m7u1pjLzxn1qjee29o1_500I get it.

We’ve all been there. 

tumblr_m85ei85DNU1rqfhi2o1_500Perhaps, it has something to do with being overly anxious or that you just don’t want to say the wrong thing.  

I mean, you do only get one first impression.

 To help you on your way, I’ve listed some topics to avoid while on a first date.

Check them out.

1.) “I use to come here with my ex.”

Your date does not give two fucks about anything to do with your ex, especially where he use to take you to eat. Talking about your ex will make it seem like you are not over your previous relationship.

oh-for-fucks-sake-gif-12.) “Are you on Twitter?”

Keep social media out of your conversation. People put too much importance on how their online profile looks. Nobody really gives a shit. You also don’t want him to think you are internet stalking him.

tumblr_n3ggpixlFq1smcbm7o1_5003.) “I am looking for a guy that wants to get married.”

Slow your roll, sister. Never bring up marriage or how you envision your future as a wife. It will make you look like you are on a mission to become a bride.

bride-wars-gif-reelz 4.) “I got really drunk last night, I’m so tired.”

There is nothing cute about being waisted. You don’t want your date to think you are some party animal that does not have her shit together. If you are serious about wanting to be in a relationship than don’t give off that bad girl vibe.

naked-ball5.) “My day totally sucked. I hate my job.”

Nobody likes a negative nelly. You don’t want to complain about how hard your life is or how you wish it could be different. Why would a guy want to be with a girl that has a miserable life? Not very inviting. Remember that happiness and drive is always sexy.

tumblr_m7u0wgLJkg1rc45a0o1_500.gif6.) “You are not really my type but I liked your picture.”

WTF. If you have not figured it out by now, having a type only drains your dating pool. What should be important is that you and your partner have a natural chemistry, not what he looks like on paper.

7839987.) “I’m like one of the guys. All I have is guy friends.” 

Hunny, please. That line is so overused and does not make you seem “low maintenance.” Do you think your date is going to find it cool that you don’t get along with other girls or that he has to compete with a posse of dudes?

nottrue8.) “Do you believe in God?”

Easy on the religion talk. Your first date should not be some intense interview.

tumblr_inline_mjm36v9HLX1qz4rgp9.) “That waiter is weird looking.”

Avoid being judgmental or making fun of other people. You may think you are trying to be funny but talking trash makes you look insecure.

everyonesadumb10.) “My meal was just OK.”

Really? Really? The first date is not the time to come off spoiled or ungrateful.

sucksGood luck!


The Other Hubby

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