The Pressure To Be Perfect


As humans I think there is a big part of us that strive to be “perfect.

Social media, movies, television, magazines, what are family says –  all  add to that pressure pot of perfection.

Doses of how you should be or shouldn’t be can be overwhelming to our subconscious minds.

My goal for the post is to give your mind some peace to those thoughts.

The holidays can often make the pot overflow.


Constantly trying to obtain that perfect image of what society wants us to be is a complete waist of time.


Here are a few thoughts on why being yourself is truly the name of the game.

1.) Be You, Not A Robot

There is nothing more attractive than a person with a kick ass personality. Somebody that goes with the flow, that can be a chameleon in any situation, that is vibrant, confident (not cocky), funny, and appreciates the bright side and down side of life. Amy Schumer comes to mind. From society standards, she does not fit the super model mold or what one would consider to be “proper.” However, her charismatic, smart, savvy, and versitile personality can knock your socks off. She has succeeded in all areas of her life through her open dialogue and no shame expression of owning who she is. One moment she is on stage making us laugh, the next starring in a movie, followed by a conversation on gun control and women’s rights. Amy thinks out of the box and makes people think all while being a supportive sister, caring daughter and the type of friend you want to be around. The challenge many women have is that they believe they have to act a certain way; let’s call it the “good girl” image. That image and person striving for it gets lost. Is not relatable. Don’t be a robot, be yourself, express yourself. Being a good person (is a given!), but don’t put-on a personality that comes off as robot “perfect.”

2.) Be A Good Parent, Not A Perfect Parent

Stop trying to obtain the perfect parent medal. You are never going to get it because there is no such thing. You may see the image of the “perfect mom” on television or even in the kid drop off line at school, but the truth is you are adding unnecessary pressure to yourself. Parenting is the hardest job in the world, you are caring for a little human being! That is a lot of work and each kid has different needs. So, knowing that each child is different, know that each parenting style can be different too. Do what works best for your family. Don’t compare one mother to the next. Your child needs unconditional love, not the feeling that their mom wants everything to be “perfect.” Delete that word from your vocabulary when you are around your kids. There is going to be bumps in the road, stains on the sofa, and dings in your day. Your child is going to think you are the greatest mom whether you left their lunch on the counter or not. Everything is fixable. Take a chill pill when it comes to wanting to be the super parent. 

3.) Word Hard, Not Overworked

I am one of those people who actually enjoys work. It is in my DNA. My family is made up of hard working people. Some have even opened up their own businesses, created jobs and added value to their community. Whether you are your own boss or not, there is something to be said about adding too much pressure yourself at work. I believe that striving for perfection at work can actually backfire. Going above and beyond at your job is a marvelous thing (I highly recommend it), but adding that perfect employee element day in and day out is  draining on the emotionally and physically. When it comes to work, I want you to be the very best you can be, but that doesn’t mean always having to be employee of the month (in your mind) at every little task that you do. When you are overworked and over pressured, your creativity can be sucked dry which in the end is not good on your job. Remember that popular quote, “don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!” Well, don’t be so busy trying to be perfect that you fuck up at work.

4.) Enjoy Online, Not The Superficialness

I am going to keep this one short. When it comes to social media, I want you to think of it as a non reality kind of universe. Some people have it right, but others have created this insane alter-version of their lives. Whatever you do, please don’t compare your life to anyone else’s on Instagram or Facebook. It is all smoke and mirrors (and great lighting – ha!) 


Have a great weekend.


The Other Hubby

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