New Year Goal Planning


It’s almost 2016 and I want everyone out there to start planning out their upcoming goals.

I know what you are thinking…

New year – new goals – nothing new.

Well, you’ve got a point.

However, there is something motivating by starting a new year off on the right foot.

New Years Day works as a nice kick off date for a lot of people.

So, instead of rolling your eyes at all the “resolutions,” why not begin to concentrate on creating a goal plan that you can actually conquer!!


Here are a few thoughts I want to share when it comes to thinking about about your 2016 goals.

1.) Be Realistic

You don’t want to set yourself up failure so make your wish list – attainable!


2.) Make your health a priority

Remember, it is about creating a more healthy lifestyle and not about losing a certain number of pounds. In order to get the weight off and keep it off, you need a solid longterm workout and eating plan.


3.) Big changes give big results

Whether it is smoking, chewing tobacco, or your addiction to fast food – put your biggest vice on the top of your 2016 goal list. If you want to see a real change, you will have to put a stop to the most difficult areas in your life that are holding your back.


4.) Give yourself a mental goal

New year goals should not just be about physical changes. If you want to be a better you in 2016, why not work on ironing our some of your inner challenges. How about being more confident, creating stronger boundaries, learning to be more organized, on time, self-aware, etc.


5.) Add a hobby 

Starting a new hobby you’ve been putting off is basically igniting a goal. Learning to play the guitar or joining a book club adds value to your life. Value gives you purpose and purpose makes you feel good. Talk about a win-win!


6.) Be kinder

Attitude plays a huge part in turning your goals into a reality. Teach yourself to have a more “can-do” attitude. Avoid using negative toned words and work on being a consistently nice person. Being mean takes more energy than actually being kind.


7.) Surround yourself with goal boosters

The people in your inner circle play a huge part in accomplishing your goals. Filter out those downer Debbie’s and lazy Larry’s that are not going to be supportive. Motivating people need to stick together!



The Other Hubby

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