A Key To His Place

giphy-20.gifIf you are in a new relationship, nothing says commitment than when your boyfriend gives you a key to his place.  This is what I call a massive move on his part!  Not only does it say that he is comfortable with you, that he trusts you, but it also means that he really likes you!  Congratulations.  Now don’t mess it up!il_570xN.215209846

For all the chicks out there waiting for their boyfriend’s to give them a key, I have one piece of advice for you;  DO NOT ASK HIM FOR IT!  Let him take the lead with this one because if you push him, he will feel the pressure and guys hate pressure.

Take my friend Sarah who is in a three month relationship with her hunky boyfriend Todd.  Sarah and Todd met while standing in line at the ATM machine (I know, how cute).  So far things have been going extremely well.  They go out on dates, he has introduced her to his buddies, and up until a couple days ago, he gave her the key to his apartment.  Sarah had been staying at his place about 60% of the time during the course of three months – and she played it really cool.  She listened to the following tips on what NOT to do to your guy when it comes to his pad.

1.)  No Girl Crap:  If you start to spend a lot of time over at his house, do not bring all your girly stuff over there.  Keep it limited to just the basics.  Guys do not want to see what brand of tampons you use during the honeymoon stages of your relationship.

2.)  No Jokes:  Don’t drop sly jokes about him giving you his key.  That is annoying and totally obvious.

3.)  Be Clean:  When you crash at his pad, make sure you always clean up after yourself.  Trust me, guys notice.  Don’t leave your dirty clothes or messy make up laying all over the bathroom counter.

4.)  Don’t Be Clingy: Remember a man loves his space so don’t be all up on his grill and his schedule when you stay at his place.

5.)  Be His Girlfriend Not His Mother:  This is a big one.  Don’t turn into his mother and nag him for not having ketchup in the fridge or for not having an organized closet.

2 8.59.13 AMRemember, getting a key to his place is a step in the right direction!

Keep the energy in your relationship light, fun, and exciting. You don’t want him to put a deadbolt on the idea of you two getting more serious.


The Other Hubby

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Samantha says:

    This is so true! I’ve just experienced it myself. It was only after a few weeks that me and my boyfriend started going out that he gave me the keys to his apartment for the sole purpose of him not having to come down and open the main gate when I come over his place. But then I never showed him I was interested in his key at all, I gave it back to him several times every time he gives it to me until I found another way how to get inside his building without using the front gate. Anyway, to make the long story short, he went back to his country for a couple of weeks and surprisingly he left his keys with me. I was kind of wondering why, but when I read this article I realized yeah, he trusts me. Isn’t it sweet?!

    1. thehubby1 says:

      Great job Samantha! You go girl!

  2. nat says:

    for some reason my bf of six months will give me his keys for like a month and then ask for them back when have small disagreements. crazy thing is he wants me to move in . now im not sure thats a wise idea fore myself. why is he being so stupid?

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