Fighting Through Retrograde

Baron-Von-Fancy_Mercury-printIs retrograde kicking your ass?

Don’t worry, all lines of communication are going to be disrupted for a little while longer.

giphyYep. January 25th is when we can all celebrate.

In the meantime, why don’t we all just focus on the things we CAN control.

It may help you feel like your world is actually not following apart. 

877510Such as…

Focus on your happy thoughts.

Stay positive and try to not explode on the people around you. I know it seems like every little thing is pissing you off, but try not to take each word so personally. 

Travis-Bickle-Saying-You-Talking-To-Me-Taxi-DriverDon’t neglect your body.

Just because the universe feels like it’s upside down, does not mean your gym schedule should be too. Those natural endorphins will feel like a magic gift.  

assStay on top of your work job.

Make sure you are dotting your “i’s” and crossing your “t’s” at the office. You will feel more satisfied knowing you are excelling at work although there is a shift in the energy in others areas of your life.

you-better-work-gifKeep your castle clean.

Keep your personal space tidy as it will subconsciously keep everything else in your life organized.


Don’t party too hard.

Do your best to eat healthy! Stay away from food and drinks that will make you feel lazy.


Good luck and don’t let retrograde take over your life.


The Other Hubby

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