Terrific Travel Tips


Before you pack your bags and get ready for take off, please check out my travel tips that I acquired from years of flying around the globe.  Many of you may already have a good travel routine down which is fabulous!  For those of you jet setters that need a little extra advice, I suggest you sit back, buckle up and keep reading.

1.)  Keep Packing Simple.  Do not overpack or you’ll feel overwhelmed once you reach your destination.  You also want to save room in your suitcase for what you buy on the road.  The more pieces of clothing you have the more complicated it is going to be when putting an outfit together before a work trip so do your best to simplify.  Another good idea, is to preplan your outfits during your packing process.  This way you will know exactly what is going into your bag.  Please keep in mind that many airlines are now charging extra for baggage fees so do your best to use one suitcase.

2.)  Roll Your Clothes.  The best way to save some space in your suitcase is to roll your clothes like pizza dough.  Instead of folding them in a stacked up pile, try rolling your clothes to save space and limit those wrinkles.

3.)  Check In Online.  The majority of all major airlines allow you to check in and print your boarding pass before you get to the airport.  This helps you avoid at least one line!  The beauty of a preprinted boarding pass is that if you only have a carry on, you can head straight to security for check in.  What a time saver : )

4.)  Exit Rows Are Your Friend.  If you do not have the funds for business or first class, than do your best to get a seat in the exit row for the extra legroom.

5.)  Meditate.  Once onboard, put on some soothing music and zen out.  Try to relax, breathe-and try to fall asleep.  The airplane can be a good spot to catch up on some long lost sleep.  There is nothing better than waking up in your destination.  ZZZzzz

6.)  Be A  Good Neighbor.  Not everyone likes to talk during their flight so engage in short conversations with your seatmate if you have a tendency to be chatty.  Also, avoid bringing food onboard that has a stinky stench.

7.)  Kill Germs.  After being ona plane all day, you must remember to kill al the germs you may have encountered after being in such a public space.  One of my favorite travel products is Herban Essential Towelettes.  They are amazing for traveling and even the gym!

8.)  Family First.  If you are traveling with kids and big bulky strollers, don’t worry because many of the airlines are family friendly.  Most airports have the Family/Special Assistance lane for passengers with small children.  It is also helpful to use this lane if you need to carry formula or milk.

9.)  Give Yourself a Time Cushion.  I am talking about that extra time gap in between getting from home to the airport.  Leaving just a little early will buy you that extra sense of relief if you hit traffic on the way or need to stop last minute.

10.)  Get Connected.  If your airline offers a paging system for flight updates and gate changes, than make sure you sign up when you book your ticket.  Updates can be sent directly to your cell phone.

Safe flying and see you at the airport!


The Other Hubby

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