The Little Things

They say that you are supposed to enjoy the little things in life in order to appreciate all the big things. 

enjoy-the-little-things-life-quoteApril has been a great month for me and I hope it has treated you just as well. This week, I took pictures of a few small things that made me happy even when the world around me felt like it was going into overdrive. I made it a point to stop and take a quick snap of the mini moments during my day that made me smile.


At the end of the week, I looked back at my photo log and realized that through all the craziness of my everyday life, there were plenty of simple moments of delight that made me feel grateful. Sometimes it takes documentation like a picture, letter, card, or journal in order for us to truly reflect and be thankful.

Try capturing some of the “little things” with your iPhone during the day (even when you feel totally stressed). At the very end of your week, look back through your pics right before you go to bed. I have a feeling that you will be pleasantly surprised that life is actually smiling right back at you, especially at the times when you may need it the most.

RubySalvia_Anim_RussThompsonThe more you are able to experience gratitude, the more you able to achieve the life you want. 

Here are just a few snaps of the people, places and things that were small in size but big in making my week simply wonderful.


My avocado and tomato salad. The perfect side dish and so simple to make.


YES! My Quest Nutrition shipment arrived!


This high-rise along the Wilshire corridor is one of my faves. The style, details and architecture are so beautiful. 


At first I screamed but than I started laughing at the fact I was so scared. This little fella greeted me while I was bringing in groceries. I later Googled him and found out that he symbolizes a pretty cool message.


I did not actually take this pic but my sister sent it to me and I saved it to my camera roll. I can’t wait to see my Niece very soon. She brings joy wherever she goes.


Waking up to a note from my boyfriend is the best way to start the day. I am so lucky.


This is what I indulge in while watching TV; granola, yogurt and raspberries. Yum.


A friendly smile and a kind “thank you” after a long work-out at the gym. 


A California sky. Enough said.


Sofa hunting with the boyfriend. Making a house a home brings me such happiness.


These always make me laugh – funny coasters from my bestie.


Downtown Los Angeles. It has so many hidden gems. 


An afternoon hike settles my thoughts.


How fabulous are these old rustic doors? The energy of this waiting room was so calming. 


You can see more of my pics on my Instagram page! Go to @MattJacobi now! 

Happy days ahead.


The Other Hubby

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