What Not To Post On Facebook

Like many of you, I often see really strange Facebook posts pop up on my feed from time to time. Some of these updates can be entertaining, but others can be super obnoxious! 

new-girl-gif.gif?w=500&h=257Here are a just a few of my all time Facebook No-No’s! Can you add to this list?

1.) Don’t announce on your Facebook status that you plan on deleting people from your friend’s list. That is so fruit. Nobody is sitting on their computer praying that you keep them as a friend. Keep your deleting “power” to yourself.

566830-unfriend-facebook.gif2.) Any status update that ends in “Go Me!!” The self praising just kills me. If you are looking for a pat on the back than try getting one that does not seem so forced.

excited 3.) Stop with the overly depressing status updates. We are all really sorry you are having the most horrible day. For the love of God, don’t drag every one of us down with you. Keep your negative vibes off our computer screens.

drunk-michigan-girl4.) Keep all your break up drama off Facebook. If you and your boyfriend are going through splitsville than it is probably better if you just stayed off all social media until things have cooled down.

large5.) Any mention of your sex life. Newsflash – we all have sex so we don’t need to hear about yours. If you feel the need to announce to the world about what goes on in your bedroom than clearly you are not getting enough attention in it.

67550-Jessica-Alba-doesnt-matter-had-W9eI6.) Bland status updates such as “I am headed home from work” or “going to the gym now.” Really, that’s it?? Thanks for the information.

this-is-boring.gif?w=560 Naya-River-Bored-Gif-On-Glee7.) Stop with the major life decision questions to all of your friends! “Do you think we should have a second child?” “I was thinking about going back to college, what do you think?” WTF!

n4os3Vv8.) Anything negative that has to do with your job. I am shocked when people post things about their coworkers, boss or company they work for. Keep all that stuff private.

mBDP40F bill-lumbergh-gif9.) Avoid being a Braggy McBragster! Showing off your recent purchase or gift that your boyfriend bought you is so totally lame. Take the humble road as much as possible.


The Other Hubby

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