Signs Something Is Up


Relationships and marriage can be a full time job all on its own. Sadly, some fall into the danger zone and turn into breakups.


I have seen too many of my girlfriends cry with frustration because one day they wake up and realize that their love life is floating in the toilet. 

tumblr_n7edai1lQh1ra11u8o3_500One of the questions that I ask my gal pals is, “how did you and your hubby/boyfriend end up in this spot?” Most of the time, they are simply unaware of how their relationship deteriorated while others think back to some red flag moments.

original-2 Check out some these signs and signals that might indicate that SOMETHING IS UP with your man.

tumblr_inline_mo612ru6RX1qz4rgp#1.) He Does Not Acknowledge You

Everyone needs validation from their other half. It gives both parties that secure feeling on the inside and that little boost of confidence and self respect. If your man comes home from work and only says hello to the dog than you’ve got an issue.

tumblr_ls93h7eRDY1r3v6f2o1_500#2.) He Puts A Password Lock On His Phone

Nothing says “SHADY” more than when a guy puts a password on his phone and refuses to give it to you. I think all phones should have passwords (for security purposes) but not allowing your wife/girlfriend to have access to it is fucking weird. He should trust you well enough to not dig through his phone like a psycho but just to have the freedom if need be.

ios-grabber-concept#3.) You Catch Him Lying

A bunch of little lies only means he his hiding one big lie. Trust is one of the golden layers that helps build a solid relationship foundation.

Disney_Survey_-_Pinocchio#4.) Your Talks Turn Into Fights

Anger stems from other emotions so if you and your guy can’t communicate on a civil level than I suggest you figure out what is the root to the REAL problem. Why is the yelling and screaming necessary? Perhaps a therapist or mediator needs to jump in to get the two of you back on track.

tumblr_m3bs9mf1ns1rtgfeuo1_500#5.) He Runs Late All The Time

I can totally understand if your hubby is running late from work a couple times a week (traffic can suck and shit comes up), BUT if this happens the MAJORITY of the time than I would ask him what’s really going on. Note: This does not mean he is cheating on you but he may be avoiding you for one reason or another.

Ri9bpw#6.) He Talks To Girls On Social Media

Facebook can add a crap load of drama when it comes to relationships. If your man is private messaging other chicks or liking her pics than he needs a major reality check. There should be a big line drawn when it comes to opposite sex interaction online.

123480.gif#7.) He Forgets Important Dates

If he skips out on your birthday, anniversary or does not want to participate in family events than it is safe to say his head is somewhere else.

family-guy-gif#8.) He Makes Fun Of Your Looks

Your man should never  pick apart your appearance or makes stupid jokes about the way you look. If he does this than he is suffering from his own insecurities.

7f88f757-4fbf-483b-9583-991043c86615#9.) He Starts To Control You

The most controlling people are the ones who DON’T have control of their own life. Stand up for yourself and don’t let anybody boss you around.

like-a-boss#10.) He Turns You Down

If you man constantly turns you down in the bedroom than that is a strong signal something else is brewing in his head.

7745225b2cfaee2b_023784b089511107_reaction-gif-tommy-lee-jones-i-dont-care-fugitive-13639955737.xxxlarge.xxxlargeGood Luck. 


The Other Hubby

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