Ice Cream All Day


I feel like it was just “National Hot Dog Day” last week and now today is “National Ice Cream Day?!”


Is it just me or am I  the only one that is going to be 10lbs heavier after this month.



Is there not such a thing as “National Spinach Day?”

Ok, maybe that would be a little gross.


Well, in any case I am one of the biggest ice cream fans you will ever meet, so I will definitely be treating myself to something sweet.

sundaegifIf you are on the hunt for the best ice cream parlor in the USA then look no further.


Here are a few of my favorite places in the country!!

1.) The Franklin Fountain / Philadelphia, PA

What to get? 

“The Franklin Mint Chip”


2.) Margie’s Candies / Chicago, IL

What to get?

“The Fudge Atomic Sundae” or “The Royal George”


3.) The Sugar Bowl / Old Town Scottsdale, AZ

What to get?

“The Top Hat Sundae”


 4.) Big Gay Ice Cream Shop / New York, New York

What to get?

“The Salty Pimp”



The Other Hubby

(Tag me in a picture on Instagram of your favorite ice cream spot!)

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