No To Passive Aggressive People

Communication can really be one of the most important things in a relationship, whether it is your husband, boyfriend, partner, best friend, coworker, family member or even just an acquaintance. How we interact and speak with one another is critical in having the message you want well received.

I’v had my fair share of people who can totally be passive aggressive, and I am sure you have met a few too.  Often times, you can leave a conversation thinking, “what in the heck just happened?!”  Yes, feeling more confused than before the conversation even started is very common when speaking to people that have a very back handed way of talking.

The question that I am throwing out there is this;  How do you handle passive aggressive people ?! 

Here are a few handy tips that I think will help you bring a stop to that person who is trying to burst your bubble.

1.)  Be Aware of The Traits

Once you learn the traits of a passive aggressive person, you should have a better handle of how the conversation is going to go. The more you know what to look out for, the easier you are able to control what is being said. Passive aggressive people usually complain about feeling misunderstood, avoid social and work responsibilities, are manipulative, controlling and often exaggerate.

2.)  Refuse to Interact

A passive-aggressive person usually does not know how to handle conflict and often is in denial with anything involving them.  You need to remember the actual FACTS of the situation or conversation and stick with it.  Don’t feed into the imaginary talk that a passive aggressive person will try to feed you into.

3.)  Let It Go

Please don’t harbor any insecure or guilty feelings if a passive aggressive person makes you feel bad.  Remember that it has nothing to do with you.  They want to bring you down SO don’t let them!

4.)  Stand Up

Whether you are dealing with a passive aggressive person or someone that just likes to bring you down, always stand up to them.  Use words and phrases like this to help you out.

* Hold, please

* I don’t understand what your are saying

* Can you get to your point?

* Can you clarify further?

Remember that nobody is allowed to break you down. Stay strong, be polite, and don’t feed into any of their nonsense.  You have the power to push these types of people away.


The Other Hubby

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