Are You Dating A Control Freak

tumblr_m3ubg5npIn1r9lltco1_500Why do women date control freaks?

Having a boyfriend that controls your every move is like living in a nightmare. Some women don’t even know they are with such a guy.  

Here are a few general characteristics and signs that you are dating a douche bag! 

1.) He is obsessive about texting and calling you. If your guy is widely insane about getting ahold of you while you are out, than it is a sure sign he has a major control problem. It is not normal for a man to get angry at you just because you don’t respond right away. Why is he so paranoid? Why does he not trust you?

tumblr_m16uip5D1R1r88zzj2.) He finds out the password on your phone and goes through it while you are sleeping. This happens more often than what you think. If your man is creeping all over your phone and checking your messages while you sleep than you probably need to dump his ass. In a healthy relationship, there should be no passwords on cell phones and no weirdness if your phone goes off. When you first start dating a guy, see how he reacts when you get messages from your friends. He should never give you a strange reaction.

tumblr_m6g9bcP7RZ1rzz3r3o1_5003.) He buys your love. Believe it or not, when men spoil their women with lavish gifts early on in the relationship, it can be a backhanded way for him to keep you close. A lot of sugar-daddies and men with money use this tactic to impress girls and control them. The more gifts he gives you, the more he feels like you won’t leave him (almost like you owe him something now). He may even use the gifts as a form of blackmail by saying things like, “if you break up with me than I want all the gifts I gave you back.” Gift giving can be sweet but make sure he doesn’t use it against you.

url-1214.) He makes you stop hanging out with your girlfriends. This is a common sign of a controlling man. He should never bash your friends or isolate you from people you care about. A healthy minded guy would embrace your social circle and want to get to know all your close gal pals.

tumblr_lhdltasesY1qzl5tjo1_5005.) He makes you sign a cohabitation agreement when he asks you to move in.  If you are moving into HIS house and he presents such a document to you than I suggest you take a moment to really think about your future together. Living under his roof with his set of rules does not sound very comfortable.

tumblr_m2np5kL5oQ1qh2jvho1_5006.) He tells you what not to wear. This is a scary sign. If your man is controlling your wardrobe than you are really in trouble. There are even some guys out there who won’t let their girlfriends cut their hair. Don’t get into a relationship with a guy that has more input on how you look than you do.

tumblr_mhfb21lvlq1rpsuhuo2_5007.) He calls your work to check on you. Your place of work should be off limits to your man. Never mix your career life with the new guy you are dating. Get to know him a little bit better until you start brining him around to work functions. If he continues to call your office obsessively during the day to see where you are at than it is a strong sign he is a control freak.

kellygif88.) He makes you delete Facebook. Social media can be a sticky subject in a relationship, but if you are both open and honest about your online actions than there should be nothing to worry about.

tumblr_inline_mrkqclng151qz4rgp9.) He tells you what to eat. 

7_sushi10.) He separates you from your family. Any guy that gives your family the boot has another agenda! Don’t let him come between you and the people that know you better than anyone else.


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