Learning To Love Back


One of the many things that I appreciate about women is that they love being in love.

Who can blame them? Love rocks. largeHowever, there are some of you that are afraid to love back!

Let me fill you in on a few helpful points about men and love.

1.) A guy will not say the words “I love you” unless he really means it.

Men don’t throw those words out everyday and won’t say it if they were not wanting something long term. One of my number one rules about dating, relationships and love is that men will always tell you what they want. If they don’t love you than they won’t say it. If they do love you than they will say it. It is that simple. Don’t waist your time trying to understand what he is trying to say or what he is thinking. He will tell you. I promise.

tumblr_me0q1iwC5b1rjrj25o1_5002.) Men hate rejection.

If you don’t say “I love you” back than he may start to think you are not compatible. Give him an answer back if you really feel that way too.

tv-show73.) Stop the game playing.

You can be a little mysterious in the beginning but after a couple months, you have to let your guard down.

thatssotrue_1859_13301379204.) Don’t let fear prevent you from feeling happy.

Saying “I love you too” should come naturally. Make sure you are in the right time of your life to accept being loved. If you rush into a relationship and find yourself getting too deep when you are not ready to commit than someone is going to end of getting hurt.


5.) Love *YOU* first before jumping into the dating pond.

If you are not proud of the person you are or suffer from insecurity than you won’t be able to embrace someone loving you back. You have to believe in love and that you can be loved. I have seen too many good relationships end because the other person had low self esteem. You have to be confident in yourself in order to be confident in your relationship. tumblr_mdehk0Q51O1qd1d32o1_r1_5006.) Don’t live a life with regret.

Own your feelings and think outside the box. Don’t always color inside the lines especially when it comes to relationships and love. Love is not black and white, it is a rainbow of colors so don’t try and control every single moment.

U4xLCyM7.) Don’t think too hard.

Stop analyzing every word or action that he does. tumblr_inline_mp9eomlaG11qc9lhz8.) Listen to your gut.

Your friends can put crazy thoughts into your head so stop making drama out of nothing. tumblr_lx79oj4YDi1qckti2xo

The Other Hubby

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