Couple Travel Tips

Hello Ladies.

Are you going on a romantic vacay with your boyfriend or planning a couple’s trip  for the first time overseas?? 

largeBefore you head to the airport, read my tips on how to keep the peace and have the best time while traveling together!


#1 – A true test to a relationship is if you can avoid fighting while vacating together (especially in a foreign country). If you can do that than you and your man are seriously meant to be together. Nothing says true chemistry, true commitment or ever lasting love than staying sane while flying over 12 hours with the general public. The crying baby on board, the first time flyers in front of you at the security line, the over priced baggage fees, and delayed flights are all mini challenges that can test the patience of a traveling couple.

4756905580_0123426fe2_b#2 – Just because you are a super organized planner with a small case of OCD, don’t expect your other half to be the same. Not everyone believes in a color coordinated suitcase, laminated itinerary or a powerpoint presentation on your daily activities. Be OK with just going with the flow. It is good to plan the basics like car pick up, hotel confirmations and all that jazz but make sure to keep your mood easy going and care free. You are on vacation so don’t make it feel like work.

trip-packing#3 – Expect the unexpected. Whether it is a bad sunburnt, food poisoning or rain, try to laugh off all the things that pop up out of no where that you can’t control during your trip.

barbie-sunburn-1#4 – Don’t overpack. There is nothing worse than having too much shit in a hotel room. Don’t be that girl that has a bag for everything (an accessory bag, jewelry bag, shoe bag, hair bag, etc). If you want your boyfriend to be happy than pack what you need and keep him from having to be your personal bag boy.

mary-poppins-bag#5 – Pick your battles. Spending hours and hours together over a course of a week can cause some tension.  Something that your boyfriend does will probably get on your nerves. I have heard it all, from his nail biting, to the way he chews – the littlest movements can suddenly turn into the biggest annoyance. Do yourself a favor and try to switch off those negative thoughts! You don’t want to ruin a romantic time just because you chose to voice your opinion about his toe hair.

BB6#6 – Take lots of pictures but don’t go nuts with posting every single one on Facebook. The tagging, the check-ins, the selfies and food pics can get really old. It also take up a lot of time. Enjoy the one-on-one time you have with your spouse. Get off Facebook. – Be nice to others. When traveling abroad with your lover, it is important to keep your attitude in check. Nothing is more unattractive than seeing your lover yell at a waiter, flight attendant, front desk help or any other service member. A positive attitude will go a long way and your man will appreciate the way you treat the people around you. Too many people pick apart what is wrong in a situation than what is actually going right. So, the next time the waiter screws up your order or your flight is delayed, suck it up and put a smile on your face.

anigif_enhanced-29710-1391661041-15#8 – Don’t drink too much. I know that vacationing is all about letting loose but don’t drink just to get waisted. The key is to not get so intoxicated that all your time is spent barfing in the toilet. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, especially if you have been known to get extra sensitive after a couple cocktails.

tumblr_lv6zrcPo1U1r5qrimo1_500#9 – Have an open mind. The more flexible you are and willing to try new adventures – the better your trip will be. Think out of your comfort box when traveling! You will be surprised how much more fun the two of you will have together.

the_fireside_girls_go_skydiving__animated__by_jaycasey-d5fykkm#10 – Last but not least, don’t forget to laugh. My boyfriend and I have not laughed so much in one day than on this trip. For example, while we were walking the streets of Bergen, we got caught in a complete downpour of rain!! This is all after I gave myself the best blowout and perfectly coiffed hair style. We stood there soaking wet laughing are heads off. Sometimes the best kinds of memories are the ones that are not planned.


The Other Hubby

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  1. Molly says:

    I love this one! So true. And you included the Denver Airport! 🙂 Hope you two continue to have a blast!

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