Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color in general can be a real pain in the butt. Could it be that there are too many choices, too many shades of grey, tan, white, and anything neutral?



But, don’t panic.


Panicking is never good when it comes to home improvement.

With that said, let’s all agree on one thing, paint does wonders. It is like a magic coat that can change a space in an hour and simply revamp a room from blah to….TA DAAA!

GreenChinaCabinetBefore you choose your paint color for your house, office, door room, or what have you, I want you to really learn about the psychology of what colors do to your mind.


Other online outlets like Forbes, HGTV, and many others have all written about how certain colors have certain affects on the way we think and feel.

Click here to ready a few of those pieces:


Now, that we’ve covered all that hoopla, let’s move on to these three simple (yes, simple!) steps on what to do before splashing paint all over your walls. 

1.) Have A Fucking Vision

I am not expecting you to be Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper but I do expect you to go online (you know that friendly thing called Google Images) and look for inspiring pictures. What pictures get you excited? What makes you smile? Do you have a Pinterest account?

110145082.) Think About Placement

Start to plan out which walls you want painted. Meaning,  are you paining one room all one color or adding an accent color to another wall? How will these colors work with the rest of your house or space?

nice-paint-accent-colors-of-inspiring-bedroom-decorating-ideas-with-artistic-wall-painting-and-wall-bookshelves-as-well-as-low-profile-queen-size-beds-on-gray-rugs-also-brown-fabric-armchair-be-equipp3.) Get Samples

Just like at the ice cream parlor, samples are your friend and will always work to your benefit. You won’t know if you love a color or not if you don’t get a little taste. Go to your local Home Depot, Lowes, or “ma n pa” paint shop and ask for paint samples. Please remember that the color you see on that fan of paper swatches IS NOT how the color will appear on your walls. Got it?!

IMG_17054.) Apply Paint Samples In Different Areas

Next, apply the paint samples to the actual wall or a moveable piece of cardboard or other surface. This will help you see which colors look best in certain lighting. Lighting is everything.

IMG_83605.) Don’t Get Pissy

Just like when choosing a new haircut in the hair salon, you never want to make a decision when your mood is at a zero. Make choosing paint colors a happy and motivating experience. This is your house we are talking about so don’t rush it! Invest your time in doing it right. Anything done half ass will always come out half ass.

tumblr_n4jf19AwPX1tw1vhco1_500On that note – Happy paint hunting.


The Other Hubby

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