Fall Cleaning Tips


Wondering what to do this weekend?

How about you carve out some time to do some fall cleaning?!

I know – sounds totally exciting.

leonardo-dicaprio-oh-my-god-fist-bite-the-wolf-of-wall-streetHowever, there is something to be said about the feeling you get when you throw out all your old crap and reorganize your closet.

img_9205Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when doing a closet cleanse!

1.) Box away items that you definitely won’t wear this season.

tumblr_mivdplxj0k1qgawlzo1_5002.) Invest in a solid set of quality hangers that are not bulky and will actually save you space.


3.) The “is this still cute?” question should be your gage on whether to toss something out or not. If you need to ask – you need to toss. 

browserpreview_tmp-514.) Move your heavy jackets to the hall closet.


5.) Keep your favorite “go to” pieces in an area that is accessible.

placeholder_1462572262-giphy-16.) Organize the hell out of your accessories. Put them on display so you can grab and go!

closet7.) Create you own system. That whole color coordinating bullshit lasts for about a week. So, do something that is realistic and effective for your lifestyle.  

tumblr_m622cyrk7r1r9cjqxo1_5008.) Turn up the tunes, pop open the champagne, and make this project a party!


The Other Hubby

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