Emotionally Dependent


Why do women stay with bad men?

A loaded question, right?

I am no psychologist but I have dealt with a handful of lady friends and family that continue to stick with the Mr. Wrongs.

Those manipulative, lying, and downright dishonest dudes that control the emotions of women.

What can you do as a friend?

The truth is – not much.

A person that is in an emotionally dependent relationship often feels like they are in a steel cage.

It is hard for them to get out or see a way out of the relationship.

Some days they try to climb their way out but only get pulled back down.

It’s a terrible pattern.

You just have to pray that they find the strength within themselves to see that they deserve better.

It all comes down to how much they love themselves enough to want a happier life. 

Continue to be a good friend, show your love, but try not to let their choices consume you.

This is not your battle.

At the end of the day, they know what is right and what is wrong.


The Other Hubby

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