The Best Barbers In Town

If you’ve checked out my Instagram page lately (, you will notice that I am constantly getting my haircut and changing up my hairstyle.


From the undercut to the perfectly primped – I’ve done it all.

13882680_544532615693674_7237329125054485841_n-1Let’s just say that I am insanely obsessed with that magical feeling you get after a fresh shave and cut.

tumblr_ngltyn0kac1ql5yr7o1_500EVERY GUY needs to find a barber that they love and set up a structured grooming routine. 

With that said, choosing the right barber can be the tricky part.

Thankfully, I’ve done the work for you.

rawI have been to almost every barbershop in the Scottsdale area searching for the best of the best (yep, I’m that picky – no joke!)

When my long locks discovered “The Manner” in the heart of Old Town – I was immediately sold. 

img_7021-2Owner and Master Barber extraordinaire, Edgar Ayala has created an intimate space for gentleman of all ages to freshen up and get their man mops in check. “The Manner” offers hot towel shaves, VIP treatments and a team of barbers you can absolutely trust.

I’ve been going to “The Manner’s” very own, Joe Macias for a long time now. He is so good that I’ve recommended his detailed cuts and smooth shaves to my entire family. o-3So, if you or your man are looking for the perfect cut than make an appointment at Scottsdale’s most talked about barbershop.

The Manner

4227 N. Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(p) 951-515-9985


The Other Hubby

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