Take A Drive Downtown


Happy Fri-YAY to all my fierce and fabulous readers!

To celebrate the weekend I wanted to share with you a few pictures from my favorite new restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

tumblr_nyybyiodz21qlxxvso1_500Now, let me keep it real with ya for a moment because I am well aware that dining in DTLA is not for everyone.

losangeles.gifWith that kindly said, if you are willing to think out of your restaurant comfort zone, dare to be different, and take a chance at experiencing all the cultural goodness that the city has to offer than I say – BRAVO TO YOU!

(and keep reading!)

img_9919Driving into the downtown area is indeed a traffic nightmare. Rush hour in LA is morning, noon, and night…so keep the complaining to a minimum.

jim-carey-bruce-almighty-sports-car-splitting-traffic-13647628730_zps3e855947Tip #1 – Expect a parking headache, bring cash, and don’t let the traffic ruin your experience. If need be, take advantage of Uber, Lyft, and LA’s metro system.

Once you find a cozy little parking spot and able to stroll the sidewalks by foot – you will immediately begin to feel the vibrant energy that DTLA is known for.

fullsizerenderTip #2 – Get ready to go on a treasure hunt! Wear comfy (yet stylish) shoes and have an idea of what hot spots you want to hit up. 

img_9915Tip #3 – Don’t be judgmental. 

Downtown LA has a different city vibe and layout than other metropolitans such as Chicago, New York, and Philly. Do your research on DTLA’s various districts and learn which ones are worth exploring.

screen-shot-2013-08-09-at-2-34-05-amTip #4 – Eat, drink, and be merry!

Some of the very best restaurants, pubs, and food vendors are located in the heart of the City of Angels. I could spend an entire weekend waking up and going on a food tour around the different neighborhoods.

There are just SO MANY delicious places to choose from. #FACT

My newest fave is a placed called Little Sister. I discovered this darling little restaurant just by walking-by and wondering what the name was all about. To my surprise, I learned it is the sister location to Chef Tin Vuong’s Manhattan Beach restaurant (who knew?!). Chef Vuong ‘s Little Sister is famously known for its funky-flared small plates and revamped authentic Southwest Asian dishes.

hgbabb4pSo, if you are in the mood for a flavorful, colorful, and unique menu than you know exactly where to go. Your tastebuds will be dancing in the streets of downtown LA with joy!

img_9903img_9904-2img_9907Enjoy your weekend.


The Other Hubby

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