No More Complaining

photo“I wish I had this and I wish I had that. I wish I was this and I wish I were that.” No, that is not a line from Dr. Seuss or the latest rap lyric to hit the airwaves. It is the jumble of words that are used too often in our society. I feel like the sound of complaining is at full volume wherever you are these days. I find myself singing along to those negative tunes as well. So, I decided to give up complaining and was inspired to hit the stop button once and for all. I challenged myself for a whole week to not let out one peep of a complaint from my lips. It was not easy. However, when I did find myself getting frustrated or needing to vent, I trained my mind to immediately think of something that I could smile about. I tapped more into my gratitude bank and focused on whatever goodness was around me. Because, what I’ve learned most about this experience is that there is goodness in every corner. Even in the days that are filled with unexpected hiccups. You just have to look for it. Seeking the good within any moment is the secret to ending your complaining streak. So, when the Monday morning alarm clock went off, I focused on the aroma of the fresh brewed coffee, or when the downpour of rain hit, I thought about my plants on my patio needing water, or when my work days felt full of projects, I envisioned my upcoming vacation. I realized it is a conscious decision I must make every single day. Take it from me, choosing gratitude over complaining will only allow more goodness to fill your world.


The Other Hubby

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