matt jacobi.jpgWhy am I doing this blog you ask?


I want all the women out there to feel good about themselves, to have the inner strength to get through any bad day, and the self confidence to make their own decisions.

After years and years of giving advice to the women in my life and always being introduced as their, “Other Hubby,” I decided to create a blog that would inspire women, make them laugh, and keep them informed with all the latest trends.

You can’t trust your girlfriends, your mom does not understand you, your sister annoys you, and your roommate is jealous of you.  Who do you turn to??

The Other Hubby®.

Yes, I am the guy that tells it like it is, that never sugar coats my thoughts and believes there is no such thing as a sensitivity chip when it comes to advice. I won’t steal your boyfriend, ruin your clothes, or say something just because I think that is what you want to hear. I am the guy that knows how to make you snap out of whatever yuck situation you are in and make sure you end your day with a smile.

Please follow me while I travel the world and write about my fabulous finds and exciting adventures that include; beauty, fashion, travel, luxury, love, lifestyle and much more!

Enough said.

Peace, Party, Love & Laughter,

The Other Hubby

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