Taking Accountability

I’m not one to shy away from planning personal goals months in advance. Strategizing, outlining and checking off boxes is mainly for my own peace of mind more than anything else. However, I’ve learned that telling yourself what tomorrow holds is usually a waste of time. Destiny has a funny — or shall I say amusing — way of taking hold of well-thought ideas…


My wish for you in 2017.

A Stress-free Holiday

The month of November officially kicked off the holiday season. Truth be told, all eyes and ears were on the ever-so-exciting election that the days and months secretly snuck by us, and the smell of pumpkin pie suddenly started to fill the air. For some of you, just the thought of traveling or being around family can increase your stress level and bring on…

Good Morning World

Would we all feel the same way about Tuesday if Monday turned into a day off? Start your week with a more upbeat attitude! xo The Other Hubby  

Friday Feeling

I’m totally referring to the dog. (Wink. Wink.) Wishing you all the happiest Friday. xo The Other Hubby

No More Complaining

“I wish I had this and I wish I had that. I wish I was this and I wish I were that.” No, that is not a line from Dr. Seuss or the latest rap lyric to hit the airwaves. It is the jumble of words that are used too often in our society. I feel like the sound of complaining is at full…

Where To Eat

Happy Fri-YAY!! Need a place to eat tonight? Check out my feature from PhoenixBites.com! http://phoenixbites.com/2016/11/18/friday-bites-matt-jacobi/

Escape To Dove Mountain

I have been a fan of hotels ever since I was a little boy. I remember staying at a hotel by Disneyland in California thinking it was indeed the most magical place. You don’t have to make your bed and you get food delivered to your room. Sounded like a slam dunk to me. The older I grew in my years, the more luxurious…

Over The Moon

This month’s full moon came the closest to Earth that it has been since 1948 Make sure to take a few moments to look outside and enjoy the magic. xo The Other Hubby

World Kindness Day

The more conscious a person is on a daily basis about making more thoughtful decisions, and how they act and engage in a kinder, more giving, more humane and more compassionate fashion, the more fulfilling life will feel for them. – Matt Jacobi