Onward & Upward!

God Bless America. I love this country. xo The Other Hubby

Go Vote!

It is time to get serious. xo The Other Hubby

Happy Birthday Maria Shriver

I would like to take a moment to wish Maria Shriver a very happy birthday! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my voice to ignite positivity into the world. You are one of a kind and I am so very grateful. xo Matt Jacobi 

Seeing Ageism and Sexism Through The Prism Of Madonna

Lover her or hate her, you have to agree that Madonna works really hard, is a savvy businesswoman and very good at making a public statement. Let’s put her talent of performing and creating a dazzling show aside for a moment and break down how the Material Girl has kept her name a buzz throughout pop culture history for the past 30 years, and…

Out & About

Did you know that being outside and around nature can boost your sense of happiness? xo The Other Hubby

Stop Hating On Monday

Today is Monday and it is going to be wonderful. Uh-oh. Did I already lose your attention? Please allow me to elaborate. You see, I told myself last night that today was going to be a really great day, one of the best days of the entire week. No, it is not my birthday or a national holiday, just your usual ol’ Monday sitting…

Current Mood

I am so grateful for all the thoughtful birthday messages. My wish today is for each of you to take a moment and reflect on all the goodness in your life. Never take your health, happiness and the kindness of others for granted. Do your best to wake up everyday with a smile. Love you all. xo The Other Hubby

Take A Drive Downtown

Happy Fri-YAY to all my fierce and fabulous readers! To celebrate the weekend I wanted to share with you a few pictures from my favorite new restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Now, let me keep it real with ya for a moment because I am well aware that dining in DTLA is not for everyone. With that kindly said, if you are willing to…

Confidence, Courage & Can-Do

Here is the thing: I am not crazy about early mornings, but I really love waking up to a warm cup of coffee especially when it’s handed to me by my boyfriend. I know that sounds like a sentence from a Nicholas Sparks novel, but it is something that really ignites and kicks off my morning into a positive place. What makes this cup…

Last Minute Halloween Makeup

Are you and your hubby looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Well, look no further! This morning my magical make up artist gal-pal at Scottsdale’s Sparkle Bar transformed me into a spooky (and maybe sexy??) skeleton. For just $65 bucks, you can go from a chic soccer mom to one fierce looking skeleton queen! Here are some close ups from my Halloween make-up shoot. Make…