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8 Comments on “Fan Mail

  1. I love this website… Great idea and very creative. Can I buy stock!

  2. Hey Other Hub-

    I think you should start adding a Monday morning playlist and a TGIF to your Monday and friday blogs. A couple of songs to boost your spirit on Monday to get you pumped for the week and some Friday songs to ease (or pump) you up for the weekend.
    After all who doesn’t need to be reminded how fabulous “my love is your love” is.

  3. Love it, Love it, Love it! Wonderful touch on all the important issues; men, relationships, shopping. and more shopping.:)

  4. I can’t get ahold of you!! He turned off my phone & I left it in Phoenix. I guess we’re not even speaking! He wants a divorce ASAP! him & my mom got into it. I don’t even know the password to my yahoo account. Can you get ahold of me??? I’m super healthy but super sad. I need Advice & a friend. My moms I know but I had no where else to go

  5. Hello Matt!
    I m a french fan!!! I just discover your blog and love It!! I had my first baby 7 month ago and I like to read your tips!!
    Xoxo .

  6. I’m in love with your blog, but I cant keep reading it with all the moving pictures, the words are getting lost, and I just keep scrolling down looking at pictures instead of reading, which is sometimes easier, but the whole blog thing gets lost, I wanna read those, somethings are just too amazing to not read!, but with all the moving pictures it just gets me. love it tho really do!

  7. You are so lovely. Looks like I might be your first Australian fan. I’m sure I wont be the last!

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