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Stop Hating On Monday


Today is Monday and it is going to be wonderful. Uh-oh. Did I already lose your attention? Please allow me to elaborate. You see, I told myself last night that today was going to be a really great day, one of the best days of the entire week. No, it is not my birthday or a national holiday, just your usual ol’ Monday sitting center stage waiting for you to give it some applause.

Call me crazy, but I have to say that Monday has a really bad rap. Of all the days of the week, it is the one day that gets the most negativity. I believe there are ways to turn that around so you have a more productive Monday and a more energetic week.

You see, Mondays were not always my favorite day either. I used to wish there was some magically added extra day between Sunday and Monday. Or, when three-day weekends rolled around, I would think that I had died and gone to the best week heaven. Not having to face that dreadful Monday morning always sounded so delicious to me. Then I got to thinking, would we all feel the same way about Tuesday if Monday turned into a day off? Are we automatically programmed to be unhappy when it comes to starting a new week? There has to be something underneath why so many people wish Monday would just go away.

A while ago, I decided to challenge myself, the way I thought about starting a new week and the way I looked at Monday. To be honest, a lot of my negative thinking had to do with my job. For me, changing where I worked had much to do with my motivation and outlook. A dear friend once told me, “You have to love two things in life: Your mattress and your job, because that is where you spend the most time.” I had gotten the mattress part down, but I was destined to reinvent my career. I know that changing jobs is a big deal, but I discovered the more I enjoyed what I did at work, the easier it was for me to jump feet first into Monday. However, transitioning into a new position (that you love!) takes time, so I started to make simple changes in my everyday life that helped boost me to have a healthier and stronger mindset on Monday.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to rewire your brain and start thinking of Monday as more of a kick start than a slow start.

Turn Up The Tunes

Let’s begin with that morning drive to work. If you live in a metropolitan area like LA, New York, Boston or Philly, then I am probably singing to your choir. Traffic is the absolute worst and can really drain a person’s energy. Definitely not the best way to start off your day. Unfortunately, we have to come to peace that rush hour traffic is not ever going to change. Everyone has a place to be, and the roads are not going to suddenly widen and make room for all the other cars. Don’t engage in what you can’t control. Traffic is not going anywhere. Instead of transforming into a road rage monster, why don’t you preplan your bumper-to-bumper experience by organizing a custom feel good playlist? Did you know that singing to your favorite tunes boosts endorphins?

Add Kindness To Your Coffee

If you get an early start to your Monday, stop at your favorite coffee or tea hot spot. Treating yourself to a specially brewed pot of Joe will give you a reward at the wee hours of the morning. A once-a-week gift to yourself won’t break the bank either. See, you are already off to the right start. I also suggest going inside the actual shop rather than a drive thru so you can engage with a barista or other customers in line. Exchanging some kind of smile or friendly dialogue will add an extra shot of happy energy to your day. You will be surprised how nice it feels when you hold the door open for somebody, say “How are you?” and wait for an answer, or even allow yourself time to sit for a moment to relax and actually taste your coffee. A few minutes of “meditation” in this way has never hurt anyone before.

Stop The Complaining

I continue to have a love/not-so-love relationship with Facebook as I’ve lately found it to be a sounding board for complainers. There is so much negativity running through people’s Facebook feeds it is nuts! If you are one of those people who must log on to the social network site as soon as you get to work (I don’t recommend that), than why don’t you post something with a more positive message? Writing something like, “Ugh. I wish I was still in bed” or “This weekend was not long enough” has a negative and un-motivating vibration to it. It not only sends out a lackluster update to your “friends” that you sort of hate your life, and a signal to your mind that you are in the dumps. What I’ve done is unfollowed people who enjoy sharing their misery and rather used social media as a tool to get more encouraging messages. You know that saying, “You are who you hang out with?” Well, we might as add: “You are who you follow” to that too.

Wear Your Favorite Outfit

Ladies and gentleman this is one of my favorite tips. I know I will get some eye rolls for this one but please hear me out. Save your best outfit for Monday. It will help you feel more confident (along with showing your coworkers you have a brilliant sense of style) and will make those Monday blues feel like last season. A killer outfit makes us feel good. When we look good, we feel good and there is no better day to show off that fashionably goodness than Monday.

Listen, there is typically one Debbie Downer in every office. Try not to engage in conversation with that person. The typical question most people get on a Monday morning from their near by coworkers is, “How was your weekend?” Most often, people ask that question as a standard way of politeness, but there are those few who use it as a gateway question so they can respond with all their personal drama. Avoid engaging in a low energy dialogue that is going to take your AM high to a zero. Monday back at work should be fueled with drive, determination, optimism and a willingness to succeed.

Not every day is going to be perfect, but I am not asking for perfect. I challenge you to start this Monday off with a more positive bang so you allow yourself to maneuver through the week with clarity, control and consistency.

From me to you – Have an awesome day! I know you will!!

With Love,

Matt Jacobi

Current Mood

I am so grateful for all the thoughtful birthday messages.

My wish today is for each of you to take a moment and reflect on all the goodness in your life.

Never take your health, happiness and the kindness of others for granted.

Do your best to wake up everyday with a smile.

fullsizerender-6Love you all.


The Other Hubby

Take A Drive Downtown

Happy Fri-YAY to all my fierce and fabulous readers!

To celebrate the weekend I wanted to share with you a few pictures from my favorite new restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

tumblr_nyybyiodz21qlxxvso1_500Now, let me keep it real with ya for a moment because I am well aware that dining in DTLA is not for everyone.

losangeles.gifWith that kindly said, if you are willing to think out of your restaurant comfort zone, dare to be different, and take a chance at experiencing all the cultural goodness that the city has to offer than I say – BRAVO TO YOU!

(and keep reading!)

img_9919Driving into the downtown area is indeed a traffic nightmare. Rush hour in LA is morning, noon, and night…so keep the complaining to a minimum.

jim-carey-bruce-almighty-sports-car-splitting-traffic-13647628730_zps3e855947Tip #1 – Expect a parking headache, bring cash, and don’t let the traffic ruin your experience. If need be, take advantage of Uber, Lyft, and LA’s metro system.

Once you find a cozy little parking spot and able to stroll the sidewalks by foot – you will immediately begin to feel the vibrant energy that DTLA is known for.

fullsizerenderTip #2 – Get ready to go on a treasure hunt! Wear comfy (yet stylish) shoes and have an idea of what hot spots you want to hit up. 

img_9915Tip #3 – Don’t be judgmental. 

Downtown LA has a different city vibe and layout than other metropolitans such as Chicago, New York, and Philly. Do your research on DTLA’s various districts and learn which ones are worth exploring.

screen-shot-2013-08-09-at-2-34-05-amTip #4 – Eat, drink, and be merry!

Some of the very best restaurants, pubs, and food vendors are located in the heart of the City of Angels. I could spend an entire weekend waking up and going on a food tour around the different neighborhoods.

There are just SO MANY delicious places to choose from. #FACT

My newest fave is a placed called Little Sister. I discovered this darling little restaurant just by walking-by and wondering what the name was all about. To my surprise, I learned it is the sister location to Chef Tin Vuong’s Manhattan Beach restaurant (who knew?!). Chef Vuong ‘s Little Sister is famously known for its funky-flared small plates and revamped authentic Southwest Asian dishes.

hgbabb4pSo, if you are in the mood for a flavorful, colorful, and unique menu than you know exactly where to go. Your tastebuds will be dancing in the streets of downtown LA with joy!

img_9903img_9904-2img_9907Enjoy your weekend.


The Other Hubby

Confidence, Courage & Can-Do


Here is the thing: I am not crazy about early mornings, but I really love waking up to a warm cup of coffee especially when it’s handed to me by my boyfriend. I know that sounds like a sentence from a Nicholas Sparks novel, but it is something that really ignites and kicks off my morning into a positive place.

What makes this cup of coffee even more delicious is when he says, “Here is the best tasting cup of coffee in the world.” Now, he is no barista in the kitchen. I would actually say the kitchen is not really his friend. But when he adds positive words like “the best tasting,” it not only excites me but makes me feel like I am really going to enjoy the greatest cup of coffee on the planet. That happy energy and simple uplifting exchange is something that puts a smile on my face before I dive into my workday.

It got me thinking about the words we use in our daily life, and how one or two words can really affect our delivery and the way our brain reacts, thinks and engages with another person or even are own self. If I were to come to you and say, “Have nice day,” does that have or give the same affect as if I were to say, “I hope you have the greatest day, you are going to rock it?”

I find it interesting that it only takes the simplest of changes in our vocabulary or tone of voice to make the biggest change in the way our mind reacts and our attitudes change. Like many of you out there, I am a big believer we have the ability to go from having a challenging moment to having an even brighter and better day by doing small steps following a hiccup or negative experience. Changing your attitude into a sense of pure happiness may seem like a total stretch, especially after a flat tire, work issue, relationship problem or family drama. I get how those conflicts are not easy for some people to do a quick turn around, but if you concentrate on the little aspects of your communication, the way you say things and words you use to yourself and others, then I believe it will allow you the opportunity for a more positive outlook on your day.

Avoid Negative Words & Phrases

For starters, some words that I would avoid using, especially in difficult moments that we may not even be conscious of at the time, include:

with my luck
probably won’t happen
we’ll see
I don’t know but…

It’s words and phrases like these that can actually leave your mind on a desert island of negativity and confusion rather than subconsciously guiding you into a state of confidence, courage and can-do attitude. You should have a more powerful sense of conviction in your words and beliefs such as:

This is what I am going to do
I am going to get through this
What I am going to do next
I can handle this!

This also relates to text messages and emails you write. It can be difficult to tell the tone of an email, but most of the time you should be able to feel out if someone is in a good mood, being short or simply can’t be bothered. I always suggest starting an email with a quick and kind introduction, with a similar ending. Do you begin your emails with, “Good afternoon” or “How are you?” It shows the recipient of your email that you are approaching from a positive place, validating their day and that you have good ol’ fashioned manners. It is easier to make a point in an email or make your feelings noted when you are not on the defense or coming at a person with a harsh vibe. It is possible to be direct, firm, with politeness.

How often do you send text messages to your spouse that say, “What time will you be home from work?” To me, such a text does not sound very caring (especially to someone you really love). If you added, “Hi, hope you had a great day, do you know what time you will be home from work?” I guarantee that approach will be more impactful, come off with a higher sense of thoughtfulness and will set the evening into a more happier place. Everybody wants to feel acknowledged especially after a long workday or an hour sitting in traffic, so why not adjust your delivery by adding a few extra words of kindness? It will only allow for a more courteous exchange, which should feed into the other person’s feelings. Feelings and emotions are the root of how we communicate, so why not use words that help boost and continue a smoother way of talking to each other.

I challenge all of you to start your day tomorrow (or after you are done reading this!) by using stronger and higher vibrating words in your communication at home, work, online and even when you are thinking to yourself. We all know that words matter and have a measure of strength behind them. But, it is the words that are encouraging, engaging and uplifting which are most significant.

With that said, I wish you the happiest of all days. You are fantastic.

Gratitude and Peace,

Matt Jacobi

Last Minute Halloween Makeup

e1b02c58-7569-4401-a4c3-fdd3163a0b2b-imageAre you and your hubby looking for a last minute Halloween costume?

Well, look no further!

This morning my magical make up artist gal-pal at Scottsdale’s Sparkle Bar transformed me into a spooky (and maybe sexy??) skeleton.

For just $65 bucks, you can go from a chic soccer mom to one fierce looking skeleton queen!


Here are some close ups from my Halloween make-up shoot.


fullsizerender-5fullsizerender-2fullsizerenderMake your appointment now!

The Sparkle Bar

Address: 4200 N Marshall Way #7, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Hours: Open today · 4AM–9PM
Phone: (480) 941-3438


The Other Hubby

LA Vibes

Oh, Los Angeles. You are easy to love (most of the time).

Happy Weekend.


The Other Hubby

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