Getting Older and Loving It

I was with this chick over the weekend and we went out to a big pasta dinner to celebrate her 46th birthday.  There were drinks, delicious food, and laughs until the birthday cake and singing waiters started to make their way to our table.  The look on my friend’s face went from happy to bitchy in approximately 30 seconds after seeing that candle filled birthday cake land in front of her face.  She blew out the candles and softly whispered under her breath, “I hate this.”

I was a bit shocked at first but than I started to put two in two together.  A week prior, she kept asking me if she looked her age?  The birthday girl was seriously stressing.

Getting older can really suck but it does not have to ruin your groove.  Check out my tips on how to look and feel fresh!

1.)  Get your ass to a gym

Save up some cash and buy a few months with a personal trainer.  If you are asking your friends if you “look fat,” than you probably have gained some unwanted pounds.

fit-woman-gym2.)  Take care of your skin

Try out new facial products, your skin type is going to change as you get older so make sure your products are right for you.  There is nothing wrong with a little botox or filler either, just don’t go over board.

tumblr_lpi4zdy4Q01qelqsho1_5003.)  Don’t forget to date

If you are single and over forty, don’t lose motivation in dating.  Getting older should not mean that you turn into the cat lady.  You need to stay social and not forget to go out and have fun!  Sex is still needed at any age!

You-Fill-Out-Your-Profile4.)  Don’t act insecure

Complaining about getting older is not only a sign of being insecure, it is also kinda annoying.  Don’t be that chick that talks about getting older as if it is the end of the world.  Embrace your age because it is not like you can change anything.

5.)  Celebrate your birthday big

If you are all weird about getting older, take the bull by the horn and throw yourself a big party with people that you love.  Birthday’s are supposed to be all about you.  Make it a day to remember, it will take the edge off of getting older.



The Other Hubby

Thank You Bette

“To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy.”

– Bette Davis

Emailing and Dating

Can we please talk about emailing the guy you are dating for a moment?  Now that the majority of people have smart phones, many single peeps are handing out their emails just as much as their phone numbers.  Come on girls, you know what I am talking about!! How many times has a guy asked for your email or gave you his to contact him?  It happens all the time.  The whole email thing I am definitely not a huge fan of because it takes away from talking on the phone AND you have to worry about spell check, grammar, what to say, and what not to say!   Ugh, annoying!

If a guy emails you and asks “how you are?” or “what you are doing this weekend?”, please keep the following points in mind:

1.) Keep your response short, kind and to the point.  

Don’t write a long ass paragraph about how you were in traffic this morning, what you plan to eat for lunch, etc.


2.) Humor is always attractive!

Add a little drop of humor into your email, guys love a chick that can make him laugh during the day.


3.)  Don’t make emails your only way of communicating during the week.

You are not pen pals.


4.) Cute “checking in” emails during day are good if you have been dating a guy for three months.

They can be awkward and scary too early on so don’t rush that shit.


5.) Avoid TTYL, XO, OMG and all that other crap.  


6.) If he does not reply to one of your emails, don’t freak out.  

If he calls, bbms or texts you after you wrote him, that is good enough. 


7.) Don’t send the guy you are dating fluff emails, forwards or group emails.


8.)  Remember that guys don’t like to write so don’t expect some long lengthy emotion filled response.


9.)  If you and your guy STOP talking, that means STOP emailing him.  Don’t be a creeper.


10.) Don’t email him sexy photos of you, he will totally forward it on to his college buddy with the subject line, “Check out who I am banging!”



The Other Hubby

Reboot Your Mind

Now that the “New Year Buzz” has settled down and you have returned all your Christmas presents that made you gag, take a minute to structure your thoughts and reboot your mind.  Time off from work, holiday vacation and all that family time can really throw off your energy and focus.

Get yourself together and regroup your senses.

Whether you want a new job, start a relationship, move to a new city or start a workout routine, you will need to get your brain into the mind thinking it needs.  Clear away the laziness and stop procrastinating.  Getting back into the groove of life starts with making a plan.  Sit down with yourself and write out the simple tasks you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

post-25179-you-can-do-it-gif-serious-rob-rnbkWriting down what needs to be done is going to release your thoughts into your own universe.  Storing them up in your head will only keep them in that 24 hour holding cell until you end up forgetting your goals all together.

I am not trying to get all new age on you but get your butt in gear and start 2012 off  full speed ahead.  Everyone needs a good kick in the ass and here is yours!

Make your list NOW and ACT ON IT!  Tape it to your bathroom mirror and remind yourself everyday that you have a goal to accomplish.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you will actually see CHANGE.


The Other Hubby

Happy New Years Hotties!

Happy 2012 to all my fabulous readers!!!!

Check back tomorrow for new funny, fierce, and honest posts!

Now, go grab a cup of coffee, gossip about last night, go through your photos and start today with a smile.


The Other Hubby

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